Founded in 2006, Medialand is one of the biggest independent Production Companies in Brazil, 100% focused on the creation and production of audiovisual content and brand content, and always works on them with purpose and sustainability in mind.
With shows spanning multiple platforms, from cable to VOD, Medialand has been graded Level 5 by Ancine, and currently works with the 360 degree concept for the product development line – from its conception to the final product:
Direction and creation team – from format to script
Production space
Art direction – artistic conception, scenography, carpentry, costumes, stagehand, and fablab
Complete camera, photography, and audio crew and equipment
Integrated and continuous post-production – VFX, sound design and foley, color grading, edition islands and delivery according to channel requirements
Medialand has had over 40 works screened all over the world, with good audience ratings and season continuity.
Medialand was founded by director and executive producer Carla Albuquerque, who has extensive experience in production in both national and international markets.

Attention: Medialand does not analyze or sell projects that were not created and developed by our creative team.