B Movie


Rights for all the world

Seasons: 1
Telemovie per season: 5 x 85’

Broadcasted Brazil: Canal Brasil
VOD: Globosat Play, Looke, Prime Video

VOD except Brazil: Available
Open TV: Not Available
PayTV LATAM: Not Available
PayTV except LATAM: Available

Synopsis: Series with 5 different Telemovies about the “B world” content: Vampires, ET, Zombies, Car with life and a Cursed Doll.

Telemovie 1
B Movie – “The Doll”

Synopsis: Cleopatra leaves her home for another day of work. In fact, a long night of hard work throughout the darkest and saddest places of the city. After suffering several embarrassing situations, she ends up going to visit his mother in an asylum, where the arrival of an old doll will change her life forever. Cleo doesn’t know, but the old doll is cursed and that will result in the release of her darkest and most obscure secrets.

Showrunner: Carla Albuquerque
Script and Direction: Beto Ribeiro
Photography Direction: Carlos Ebert, ABC
Special guest: Rodrigo Miallaret e Nilton Bicudo, Luisa Marilac.
Cast: Gabriela Garcia, Ricardo Ciciliano, Marili Maria, Leticia Coura, Eder Santos, Tiago Luchi, Raphael Gama, Thales Maniezzo,
Keila Taschini, Darwin Demarch, Jennifer Glass, André Madrini, Bruna Paludetti, Thiago Dietel, Fernando Bernardi.

Telemovie 2

B Movie – “Between dead and alive”

Synopsis: A group of serial killers confined in a mental asylum prepares for the Halloween party, at the same time as a new inmate (Heloisa) arrives irritating the most terrible serial killer, Claudia, who is in love with his cellmate, Lucas. The fate ends up linking Lucas and Heloisa and the two end up having a quick romance, that will leave Claudia upset. Claudia doesnʼt give up and convinces the Japanese ʼʼmacumbeiraʼʼ of the place (Tomoto) to take action, to invoke the demons, and end Heloisaʼs life. When everything seemed to have worked out just as Claudia wanted to, it all ends up being a huge mistake and the zombies appear from the tombs searching for blood, flesh and party.

Showrunner: Carla Albuquerque
Script and Direction: Beto Ribeiro
Photography direction: Carlos Ebert, ABC
Cast: Bernardo Mesquita, Alejandra Sampaio, Ana Paula Lopez, Ricardo Ciciliano, Keila Taschini, Keyla Sayuri, Vitor Davied, Raphael Gama, Thamiris Dias, Tiago Luchi, Luisa Marilac,  Gabriel Fellix, Carol Siqueira.

Telemovie 3

B Movie – “Freaks from the Space”

Synopsis: Dr Pinofox, a wizard wolf, is determined: he’ll take revenge on King Wolf, King of the great intergalactic kingdoms, the one who once was his friend, but proved a betrayer to marry the terrible Queen Genevieve. Dr Pinofox causes to the daughter’s King of the Great Intergalactic Realms, Princess Persia, to fall asleep forever, ending the Wolf dynasty. Queen Genevieve is able to reverse the tragic end, using the magic of Felix Wizard, when she turns 25, the princess will be awake with a kiss from the prince of the Galaxies, uniting the greatest realms of the Universe. On the day that Prince Edward should arrive to kiss the princess, Dr Pinofox reappears and kidnaps the savior of the great kingdoms. The twenty-five years of Princess Persia arrived, and with them a surprise.

Showrunner: Carla Albuquerque
Script : Beto Ribeiro
Director: Carla Albuquerque
Photography Direction: Marcelo Rocha
Cast: Dr Pinofox, Murilo Cezar, Keila Taschini, Carolina Marafiga, André Madrini, Marili Maria, Raphael Gama, Hugo Lima.

Telemovie 4

B Movie – “The Murderous Van”

Synopsis: Laurinho swears he’s a happy man, at least when he’s inside his van, or selling ʻʻmeat and cheese pieʼʼ as he likes to say. Married to ex-prostitute Cleusa, he tries not to take seriously the absurdities he hears every day from his wife and her friend, Shirley, who practically lives with the couple. Often mugged by Douglas, Laurinho doesn’t suspect that the gangster is Shirley’s nephew. But … Everything can change when Laurinho wins 350 million reais in a lottery – alone. Cleusa and Shirley decide that they’ll live in Rio de Janeiro with the money, but they don’t want Laurinho together – neither together or alive. The two just don’t imagine that the Japanese ʻʻmacumbeiraʼʼ, Tomoto, already gave magic power to the spirit of Laurinho to incorporate in the Van and take revenge of his tormentors.

Showrunner: Carla Albuquerque
Script and Direction: Beto Ribeiro
Cast: Keila Taschini, Alejandra Sampaio, Julio Oliveira, Keyla Sayuri.

Telemovie 5

Filme B – “The Brazilian Vampire”

Synopsis: Count Ysefer is a vampire with more than a thousand years old, abandoned in Romania by the witch Misti, his greatest love. In addition to living in the shadow of Dracula’s fame, Ysefer was just bought at an auction by some ʼʼInternetʼʼ. Not only bought, humiliated, but also sent to a strange world called Brazil, more precisely at Av. Paulista, in São Paulo. After the night arrives, Count Ysefer leaves his coffin and discovers that Misti – ʻʻA Witch is Misti ʼʼ – is around, living with somemone called Augusta. The vampire won’t settle down until he meets his beloved hated witch, even if he needs to join the strangest human beings of the night of São Paulo.

Showrunner: Carla Albuquerque
Script and Direction: Beto Ribeiro
Photography Direction: Sergio Rousselet
Special Guest: Rodrigo Miallaret, Luisa Marilac
Cast: Ceçary Goldschmidt, Julio Oliveira, Luiz Vaz, Alejandra Sampaio, Gabriela Garcia, Emmilio Moreira, Carlos Fariello, Murilo Cezar, Ana Paula Lopez, André Mendes, Leila Pacheco, Hugo Lima, Karine Guimarães.