(2018 – 2019)
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Seasons: 2
Episodes per season: 1 x 70’ + 5 x 50′ / 8 x 45′

Broadcasted Brazil: Prime Box, Play TV, A&E
VOD: Netflix, Looke, Prime Video, NOW, Vivo Play

VOD: Available
Open TV: Available
PayTV LATAM: Available
PayTV except LATAM: Available

Synopsis:  Heitor is a hacker and he works for the Police Department. During business hours, he is the man who gives operational support and wear the police badge. Heitor has a hidden identity in the Deep Web, where he uses his hacker skills to solve crimes.


Showrunner: Carla Albuquerque
Script and Direction: Beto Ribeiro
Cast: Leandro Mazzini, Ana Paula Lopez, Felipe Hofstatter, Emmilio Moreira, Ceçary Goldschmidt, Marcelo Bechara, Julio Oliveira, Bruno Soares.