Making Of

Fiction Mockumentary/ Docucomedy
Rights for all the world

Seasons: 1
Episodes per season: 20 x 45’

Broadcasted Brazil: PrimeBox
VOD: Looke, Prime Video

VOD: Unavailable
Open TV: Unavailable
PayTV LATAM: Unavailable
PayTV except LATAM: Unavailable

Synopsis:  A lot of weird things are happening on the horror series – but Paulo Matheus, former star, is filming everything for his making of: the fight between actor and actresses, directors and producers and real life before the clapperboard.

Showrunner: Carla Albuquerque
Script and Direction: Beto Ribeiro

Cast: Felipe Hofstatter, Ceçary Goldschmidt, Adriana Duque, Raphael Gama, Aline Neves, Julio Oliveira, Isaac Medeiros, Marcelo Bechara, Alejandra Sampaio, Rodrigo Rebello,  Tutty Mendes, Carlos Fariello, Marili Maria, Bruno Soares, Ricardo Ciciliano, Thais Velasques, Carla Pagani, Keila Sayuri, Elisa Telles, Renato Henriques,  Thiago Dietel, Wagner Galvão, Renata Pena, Luísa Lucchesi, Mariana Rosa, Rodrigo Miallaret, Guta Magnani.